heldendaten CAL Manager for QlikView

Today I post an article about the heldendaten CAL Manager which was released on Qlik Market recently.

The QlikView Management Console allows to manage Document CALS. Unfortunately, it does not provide a good overview on how well CALs are utilized. The heldendaten CAL Manager provides a simple tool that helps you to optimize the CAL usage on your QlikView Server.

1    CAL Info

This tab gives you an overview on the overall CAL configuration of the QlikView Server.

Overview QlikView Server License & and which Documents have Document CALs assigned


1.1    Server Info

Shows how many Named CALs and Document CALs are „InLicense“ and how many of them are „Assigned“.

1.2    Documents with Doc CALs

This table shows which QlikView documents have Document CALs allocated (CALsAllocated) and how many of them are assigned to users (CALs Assigned).

1.3    Named CALs

Shows the assigned list of NAMED CALs with User, Last Used and QuarantinedUntil.

2    Assigned Document CALs

This table shows a list of all users and document names that have a Document CAL assigned.
Use the “Search for” input fields to filter for specific documents or usernames!

Filter for user "rva" to see which Documents have a license for this user(s)



3    Doc CAL Optimizer

This table shows the information how many Document & Named CAL assignments a single user has.
Depending on your license model, you can optimize the CAL usage:

  •  If the same user takes more than X Document CALs, a Named CAL would be better
  •  If a user has a Named CAL, no Document CAL is necessary at all!
USER A and USER B have a Named CAL and 4 Document CALs - this can be optimized

4    Get a Demo

Get a demo here. Install it on your QlikView Management Server machine, or modify the HD_CALManager.exe.config to point to the Management Service API.

Ensure that your user is member of the "QlikView Management API" group. If it does not exist, create the group on your server and add your user. Login and Logoff and then start the HD_CALManager.exe!

This group is necessary on the QlikView Server to access the Management API

5   Webservice to manage Document CALs

heldendaten CAL Manager uses the official Qlik Management APIs.  Sometimes it is necessary to integrate the QlikView CAL Management into your existing user management. To simplify the access to the Qlik Management APIs, we have extended our webservices with 3 new methods.

This allow you to manage QlikView Document CALs from your Java/Linux/Non-Windows platform with a simple HTTP GET/POST/SOAP call!

Get in touch with me if you are interested into the webservice!

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